Trigano S.p.A. has been operating for 30 years on the outdoor holiday market with its CI and ROLLER TEAM products. The Company, well established throughout Europe and leader in Italy in the motor caravan sector, today has a workforce of approximately 300 employees and an average daily production of about 15 vehicles produced at its facilities located in Cusona (San Gimignano - Siena).

Trigano S.p.A., market leader in Italy with a market share of over 17%, has a strong vocation for the export business, as confirmed by the fact that 80% of its sales are distributed abroad, and specifically concentrated in Germany, Great Britain, France, Belgium and Northern Europe. Present in 27 European countries, and even in New Zealand, the Tuscany-based company offers quality products and excellent service: a capillary distribution with more than 200 sales outlets throughout Europe, a service which is always accurate and timely, thanks to constant training programs aimed at its sales network, qualified multilingual personnel, and an extremely efficient spare parts service.

Trigano S.p.A. is also a distributor in Italy of the group brands Euro-Accessoires and Vechline for the sale of accessories and components. Since January 2015, the company started distributing in Italy the Font Vendôme brand, which features equipped vans made in France by the company bearing the same name and part of the Trigano group.

However, it is not just the numbers that confirm Trigano S.p.A.’s leadership. Indeed, the company is involved first-hand in numerous initiatives the aim of which is to develop the entire outdoor holiday sector and that make the company a crucial interface with its own consumers and with all those who love spending their holidays travelling around in a motor caravan. Trigano S.p.A. chooses quality and continuous improvement with important investments, while the use of dedicated resources is proof of the choice to focus on constantly starting new projects and activities aimed at developing conforming and safe products. Since the very beginning, Trigano S.p.A. has always made sure that its Customers receive products that are sturdy and meet their expectations in terms of quality and functionality, with an after-sales service that stands out due to its efficiency and strong attention to customer needs, using suitable instruments and in line with the market from a technical-economic and environmental standpoint, at the same time safeguarding the health and safety of all its employees.  

Certification ISO14001:2939; OHSAS18001:1258; ISO9001:11841

Certification ISO14001:2939; OHSAS18001:1258; ISO9001:11841